Tatcho Drom
Journeying Journals of a Jolly Journeyman

Goodbye – Poem

Sing a Scream

Dazed by strangling hands,
My sad hands gripping my own neck.
It’s as a mournful sonata outside a window,
Singing of a child’s shattered future,
Broken by sinister mind control,
And an overture of a well meant lie.


Sweet singing trembling eyes,
Sweet sad bloodshot eyes,
It’s an inner quake before I wake,
Wide awake sleep under a cascading sky,
Pressure snaps something inside,
Heart exhales an exasperated sigh.


Night sky over colourful screams brings no solace.
Preparing for the tearing-me-here, tainting-me-there.
It’s an uninvited terror, left alone, in a oh so cold ward.
Accompanied by trembling tear smeared lips,
Through awakened mind surgery, disbelieving, silent screaming,
As They silently probe, silently torment. As I silently forget.

Goodbye, Goodbye

Goodbye to the life malevolence forged for me.
Goodbye to the puppeteer of the Golem in me.
By the free spirited cackle of my baby Ayla,
The love of Kayne, ever depending,
For a Father to arise, and walk away from the,
Closeted fear, living terror, demonic mission, life teaching attrition.

Good bloody bye


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