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Satanic Ritual Abuse – Magic Surgery

     Posted on Sun ,24/05/2015 by Sirius Joker

There are some topics best explained by others. Thanks to Patricia B. Clark, who has been dedicated to serving those of us who have been through Satanic Ritual Abuse, for making some of these topics available to the general public.

The topic in this journal is about a happenstance in my history, while I was in hospital in Chile when I was almost 4 years old (I had my birthday in hospital). Even though my parents where involved in Exorcism, are related to the Rothschild House, raised us brothers with “questionable” methods, abused us in various ways… but in the end, have done so well to leave the clutches of Satanism behind; even though we may have all this history behind us, my experience undergoing Satanic Ritual Abuse is still denied by my parents. My mother, only now, is saying, “If that is what you believe you went through, okay, I believe you.”

The day I realised I would not go to my family for help for my abused upbringing was not long ago. I have been, for a few months now, coming out to the public with my psychological and emotional issues. I’m 38 years old now. It has caused a stir at my work place and certain public figures have commented on it. I have started to see a Medical Practitioner and will soon be referred to a Psychiatrist. Apparently my issues are not as simple and minor as my father and mother make out to be.

When I arrived at home and told my dear mother how dire the Doctor and a Psychologist regarded my situation she shrugs and flips it off, “Oh, it how everyone in your family was raised. Your cousins were worse! You should have seen how naughty they were. But it’s how we are.” And I’m like, “Exactly mother. It is because I now understand how flippant my family is about our abuse and demonic lifestyle that I have to go outside the family for help.” And I also reminded her how traumatised she was as her brother used to smash her head through the bedroom wall repeatedly, until there was no wall left, only because she made her brother’s bed. I said, “You don’t see anything wrong with that? Of course you do. But it took you how long to figure that out? Thirty years to even confront Tio Hugo about it.”

I reminded my mother that it is due to our Rothschild family culture that we don’t need to go through all the Ritualistic forms of abuse in our family. We abuse ourselves by our own family culture. And call it normal. And stick to ourselves so that no ones hears about. Create phobias to even see a doctor or psychologist for help. The family way was, “You have a problem? Deal with it yourself.” All this and more, so that our demonic lifestyle in our families may perpetuate and breed out the meek and strengthen the brutes.

My father is in stronger denial. He can’t even remember beating us children with a frying pan, and then some. The fear he used to cause us with his very approach.

My immediate family were not the ones that were meant to help me out of Satanic Ritual Abuse. My help came from outsiders, even people who later became my external family. It has been a long journey. And I want to share this following article to explain in greater detail what exactly I suffered while I was hospitalised for nearly 3 months in hospital, Santiago, Chile, 1980.

As you read the article, you will hear a lot about Alters. My psyche was split slowly at first. But then I had hundreds of alters created. All for the ultimate purpose: take my soul away. Don’t mock or scoff at these assertions unless you have extensive knowledge of the scientific advances within Secret Orders. While the general public focuses on external technologies, Secret Societies focus on internal technologies,\; and external technologies that aid our internal technologies. That is how Magic Surgery was performed in me, by a group of sinister occultists exploiting the inner technologies within, feeling their way into my inner world, stepping within my circle, and… well… having their dirty way with me, for lack of a better term.

Enough said on this subject for now. Here is the article:

Magic Surgery by Patricia B Clark – this is a RTF file, you may open it using Notepad or Microsoft Word.

For the Love of Sharing Knowledge

     Posted on Fri ,09/08/2013 by Sirius Joker

We are moving well into, and are already in, a new era. The Age of Aquarius. In this age of consciousness and awareness, knowledge and information, energy and spirituality, we are coming together as a human species. Could it be that overpopulation has forced the inevitable? Or maybe social networking and information technologies facilitated this process? Maybe both. And most likely a yet to be labelled phenomena is occurring, and the evident result is that we, humans, are most definitely seeing humanity as a whole a lot clearer.
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Duality, Eurocentrism and Spiritual Practice

     Posted on Wed ,07/08/2013 by Sirius Joker

The Duality of it All

Our reality is filtered through our minds. Our mental states and thought forms highly define who we are, and what we create from our world. It may be said that our minds project our reality. This concept was captured by the old axiom and Hermetic principle that states, “As above, so below. As below, so above.” An Alchemist would also understand that to mean, “As within, so without. As without, so within.” Or, “As the macrocosm, so the microcosm. As the microcosm, so the macrocosm.” Much could be said about these principles, however I want to jump to the underlying principle of the binding of supposed polarities into one. That is the Great Work of an Alchemist, to unify duality and seek the Prima Materia*. Continue reading »

Goodbye – Poem

     Posted on Mon ,04/07/2011 by Sirius Joker

Sing a Scream

Dazed by strangling hands,
My sad hands gripping my own neck.
It’s as a mournful sonata outside a window,
Singing of a child’s shattered future,
Broken by sinister mind control,
And an overture of a well meant lie.


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Chilean Gitano “Races” by Gaston Salamanca

     Posted on Sun ,07/11/2010 by Sirius Joker

There was a website about Chilean Gitanos that was very informative. Unfortunately, it was closed. Before it was closed I had the luck of being permitted to translate some of the pages from Spanish into English by the author and professor Gastón Salamanca. The following article was originally written by Professor Salamanca and it relates to various groups within the Chilean Gitano population and their various traits. You may find another of these translated pages in my journal: Chilean Gitano Origins.

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Chilean Gitano Origins by Gaston Salamanca

     Posted on Fri ,29/10/2010 by Sirius Joker

After receiving writen permission by Gastón Salamanca, a Chilean professor from the Universidad de Concepción, I translated a few pages from his now closed website on Chilean Gitanos he had authored. It is a pity the website was closed because it provided such useful information specifically about Chilean Gitanos; about the language, origins, occupations, various tribes, etc. So that the precious information Gastón Salamanca wrote may not be lost, I have provided my English translation of the webpage regarding the Origins of Chilean Gitanos. Here is the transcript:

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