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Chilean Gitano “Races” by Gaston Salamanca

Sun ,07/11/2010

There was a website about Chilean Gitanos that was very informative. Unfortunately, it was closed. Before it was closed I had the luck of being permitted to translate some of the pages from Spanish into English by the author and professor Gastón Salamanca. The following article was originally written by Professor Salamanca and it relates to various groups within the Chilean Gitano population and their various traits. You may find another of these translated pages in my journal: Chilean Gitano Origins.


Chilean Gitano Origins by Gaston Salamanca

Fri ,29/10/2010

After receiving writen permission by Gastón Salamanca, a Chilean professor from the Universidad de Concepción, I translated a few pages from his now closed website on Chilean Gitanos he had authored. It is a pity the website was closed because it provided such useful information specifically about Chilean Gitanos; about the language, origins, occupations, various tribes, etc. So that the precious information Gastón Salamanca wrote may not be lost, I have provided my English translation of the webpage regarding the Origins of Chilean Gitanos. Here is the transcript:


Origins of Chilean Romani Gitanos

Tue ,01/06/2010

The academic world has been attempting to rationalise the origins of Roma for many decades. There is a general consensus, that is based on both linguistic and DNA sciences, that Roma originated from northern India. This, supposed, Indian origins for Romany people was seen as a breakthrough for anthropologists. Why? Because for hundreds of years the Roma people have been an extremely reclusive people, so much so that they have been considered as a group “that don’t want in… as far as traditional anthropological categories are concerned” (Macmillan Library Reference, 1999, s.v. “Peripatetics”).