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Pain Tolerance

Sat ,30/01/2010

My brothers and I have had some grueling experiences due to our pain tolerance. We didn’t look forward getting hurt at school since we were often made to wait in the sick bay for much longer than necessary because the teachers didn’t think we were badly hurt, when in reality, we were screaming and crying out inside! lol

Pain tolerance is not something that only our brothers and I have nurtured, but I believe it extends to other members of our families. For example, when my wife gave birth to our child, she never screamed out or made a sound! Allow that to sink in and realise how different we are raised to the vast majority of people in the general public.



Thu ,07/01/2010

I was raised believing that the best substitutes for lost vitamins, minerals and nutrients are not pills, but actual foods. For example, do you lack Vitamin A? Eat a carrot. Lack Vitamin C? Eat oranges. But of course, this can’t be applied across the board. Especially if you’re a lazy ass and can’t be bothered eating healthy foods.

Superfoods are certain natural foods that are highly saturated with vitamins, nutrients and minerals. They also have strong healing attributes. The following list of Super Foods are the ones that I take and provide me with quality and therapeutic nutrition. They are easy to consume and don’t taste like crap. Except for Brewer’s Yeast, which takes a little getting used to – but I was raised with that stuff, and have grown to love it, so… yeah. I’ve been corrupted.