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Eurocentrism and Gypsies

Mon ,04/01/2010

Eurocentrism and Its Impact on Romani Gypsies


In the fifteenth century, the Romani Gypsy people entered Western Europe, en masse (Lee, 2000). They came in peace, seeking amnesty from their torturous travels (Lee, 2000) from the land of Punjabi, India (Nadia & Peter, 1998). Along with the Romani Gypsies came their spirit filled culture (Lee, 2000; Gadalla, 2004). A culture that is one with Devel, the One God (Auken, 1999). A culture that honours the Earth as the giver of all life (ibid; Lee, 2000; Gadalla, 2004). A respecting culture, of all living beings (ibid). The Romany Gypsies have an ancient and timeless culture (Lee, 2000; Gadalla, 2004) that traces its roots to the beginnings of the Egyptian civilisation (Gadalla, 2004; The True Origin of Roma and Sinti). A rudimentary understanding of Ancient Egypt will reveal that it is considered a highly civilised culture (Auken, 1999), as is the culture of the Romani Gypsy (Gadalla, 2004). Federico Garcia Lorca, “in commenting on the significance of the (Egyptian) Romany/Gitano in his poems observed: … the gitano is the most distinguished, profound and aristocratic element in my country, the one that most represents its Way of being and best preserves the fire, the blood and the alphabet of the Andalusian and universal truth” (Gadalla, 2004, underlining mine). Unfortunately, the grandeur of the Romani Gypsy culture has been belittled and stereotyped as a culture of “filthy beggars in rags” (ibid).


Chocolat – A Delicious Essay

Sun ,03/01/2010

The following is an essay I thoroughly enjoyed writing due to the fact that it was based on one of my all time favourite movies, Chocolat.