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Tree Archetype

In my culture, trees play an important role in our upbringing. I was raised with the specific knowledge of the Oak. As my mother’s family name is “Robles” (Oak). In this blog post, you will find myself talking to my favourite tree, the Oak, and sharing some wonderful information my tree has taught me in my life.

ochre tree - author unknown

In This Story…

…the Tree’s various parts, the Bark, Roots and Branches, will help us learn a little about ourselves. I like to think that our woody Brothers can teach us plenty about ourselves, teach us some important clues about who we are, things we may have forgotten over time. Before we learn from the Tree, let us place ourselves in the right mind, let us place our minds in the right place to listen.

Imagine ourselves on an grassy covered Autumn field. The weather is just perfect. The breeze cool and yet not chilly. Invigorating! The sun is receding behind the hills, creating that surreal feeling when the shadows are long and the light is ocher. With the smell of organic life and damp earth in your nostrils, you hear a voice behind you… an ancient, rumbling, Earthy voice. You turn around, and there stands your favourite tree.

Is it an Oak? Mine is… what does your tree look like? The Tree is feeling a little generous today and wants to share a little something about ourselves, things we may have forgotten. This pleases me much as my tree is often the quiet listener, but today, he has something to say. Things that may be important to remember. Our favourite Tree wants to reminds us of things, things we already know – wants to trigger our memories recorded in our blood. The tree wishes to use its makeup to reveal secrets and keys that may lead us to understand ourselves better. And the message I received goes a little something like this…

The Bark

The Bark of the Tree represents the stuff that gives us material substance – the flesh and bones. The flesh is the stuff that speaks to us through pain. It is the thing which mostly demands our attention in our everyday lives. No one likes to feel pain, and yet, pain is the language of the flesh. The language of hunger and cold, sadness and worry (we feel that in our hearts), headache and heartburn. The vocabulary of pain is diverse and we have developed our lives finding  means to escape or avoid the pain.

Our Bark is also the stuff we behold when we stand in front of the mirror. It is our tangible and physical expression on this planet. For those who understand metaphysics, the Bark of the Tree is the first layer of DNA – it is the protein based part(*). A small part, only consisting of 3% of our total DNA. This is important to remember – how painfully loud the smallest part of our being is!

Even though the Bark only consists of a very small amount of our total makeup, the Bark has an “in your face” attitude – it BARKS out at us (pun intended)! I wont demean pain or its purpose. Indeed, we can smile and relax because our flesh is designed this way for our survival.

Our material bodies, our flesh, screams out to our consciousness to satiate its needs and desires. Our material bodies, which only consist of only a tiny 3% of our total genetic makeup, often inundates our inner ears with loud and painful demands of our carnal needs. Such is the nature of our material selves. It is wired for survival and has the tendency to suffer from egomania! Again, this is natural. Our carnal needs ground us and act as a reminder of our co-existence with nature. Our carnal needs are often quenched by what is harvested from the Earth. We are wired to survive from Earth.

When we hurt in thirst, we drink water that comes from the Earth. When we hurt in hunger, we feast on meals that come from the Earth. When we clothe and protect our naked bodies from the elements, we use products that originally came from the Earth. When we find shelter, it is built from elements from nature. Our painful, fleshy needs, are appeased by what the Earth provides.

And in the Earth we ground ourselves to escape what is perceived as a painful existence. Like the Tree, digging its roots into the Earth for nourishment to grow, so do we indulge ourselves in material substances to grow in our Earthly, fleshy experience.

The Roots

The Roots of the Tree are our various functions that are Earth (materially) ground. Think about yourself, about your many “yous”. Think about how many labels people give you, how many labels you give yourself. In our process of maturity and growth we develop certain roles and professions and create certain characters and personas that suit our life in our material existence. For example, some of us may become housewives, dedicated to the upbringing of our children; others may become professional business ladies, driven to nurture their organisation. Even others may become destroyers of conformation. Or even destroyers of life. Our life expressions are limitless.

The Roots represent the culmination of everything we become while we are living on Earth, whether they be our alter egos, professions, character types, personalities, dispositions, psychological masks, and so on. Does our existence have purpose? Do all our travails – victories, failures, everything we have worked on with our hands, the blood, the sweat, the tears shed – account for naught? Does our legacy last as long as our ancestors remember us? Or do our lives have a greater impact on the universe? I like to think so.

When a Tree dies, it goes back to the Earth. It actually becomes part of what it once used to feed on. It becomes nourishment for other Trees. When we experience death, we leave our Roots firmly in place on Earth; meaning, our lives are not a pointless existence but have an eternal impact on this planet. All the energy we have created on this planet, whether for darkness or light, is stored on Earth and it becomes part of a whole.

Didn’t I mention that Trees were our Brethren? We are more similar to trees than people may believe. Trees are definitely more than ornaments, or suppliers of oxygen, or unconscious elements in an ecosystem. There is a consciousness to Trees that humanity chooses not to perceive, after all, we fell them for our needs. As humans tend to forget the consciousness of the animals we eat. Yes, trees and animals have feelings. And they have spiritual essence in them as we do, connected to us by bonds of love. But before I digress too much, let’s see what else the Roots of the Tree can teach us.

The roots also represent the lower Chakras below our heart. They are the base Chakras. Most people live in this base reality. They are led by their lower passions and desires. They are controlled by feelings and appetites and egotistical desires. If the body screams, “Eat!” People have been taught to consume. If the body screams, “You’re ugly!” People find themselves broken and hurt. If the body screams, “I’m horny!” People often do anything to relieve themselves. But are we more than base Chakras?

Are we more than what our material self perceives and attempts to appease? My Oak tree certainly likes to think so.

Within the Tree are rings of Bark (tree rings). As the Earth revolves around the sun, a ring is created, displaying a year’s worth of life! These rings of Bark are also represented within ourselves. These rings of Bark are various past lives we have experienced on this Earth. When we are born, we are born in the flesh, that is a ring of Bark. And within us, we hold the key to unlock all the other rings of Bark we have ever worn, all the atavic memories reside within us. We come back with as many rings of Bark as the lives we have been through. It’s as if we pick up all of the stuff we left on Earth in our past lives and put it all into one Tree, our present expression. Some of us have many many rings of Bark within us, others have only a few. Whether lots of rings or a few, the point is that we can tap into these rings and allow them to become part of our present life experience. Imagine the possibilities!

As darkness falls upon the Autumn field, I begin to see my Tree in a totally different light. I promised myself that I would learn to make friends with Trees and continue to learn what they could teach me. Afterall, doesn’t my Jewish culture teach about the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Trees have been with us, in this Earthly journey, from the beginning. And little they are considered. I want to feel close to the Tree, I wish to see deeper into its depths of knowledge.

The Branches

Laying down beside the Tree on top of a bunch of dry leaves, I glimpse at the starry dark sky and notice how the branches create a silhouetted pattern in the skies. The pitch blackness of the Tree’s silhouette, fusing with the starry darkness of the skies, creates shapes and figures that formed pictures.

How beautiful are your pictures in the sky, Great Tree!”

I exclaim.

Do you like my branches? I see how you admire my outstretched arms bathed in Air, rustled and moved by the Wind. Mmmmmmm… breathing. You give me what I need, I give you what you need. We breathe together, you know?.”

The Trees’ words spark connections in my mind of my mother’s teachings. The Air is the realm of the Spirit, the Ether. With the image of the Trees’ branches fusing with the night sky still vivid in my mind’s eye, it reminds me how the Tree, through the Air, was connected to the vast universe out there! My heart feels exhilarated at the potentials of the lessons I was to find looking at the Tree’s Branches.

The Branches of the Tree are our various expressions that are Divine. In essence, the Branches are breathing in and out the Almighty Spirit, the Most High, the Supreme Being. In layman’s terms, the Branches are designed to be fused with God.

The Branches also represent the higher level Chakras from our heart up. The Chakras that ultimately connect to our “higher self” or “Spirit”. Underneath the Earth, where the roots are, it is difficult to spot other roots in the darkness. The Branches are out in the open, exposed for everyone who has eyes to see. They are beautiful in their sacred design. And yet, we often find ourselves trying to find who we really are by focusing in the roots. It is hard to find ourselves underground, where it is dark. We need to come up to the surface, send our focus upwards and look around where there is light to recognise ourselves in all our glory. Yes, even the glory in you, dear reader. We need to learn to quieten down that screaming pain which our bodies speaks to us with and focus in that small still voice in our hearts. This small still voice will guide us upwards to our higher minds where our “branches” touch the Sun.

Our inner Divine Branches are very discreet. They are connected to the Almighty Spirit and reflects the humble nature of the Divine. Our Divine Branches whisper to us, gently, quietly; while our Bark screams out at us and so we dig firmly into the dark Earth where it feels safe and we can hide or block the pain. It takes sincere desire and effort to open our inner ears to the small still voice of Spirit and listen to our God.
The sun now slips behind the hills, as sleep descends upon me, I laid close to the Tree, and dream of feeling the breath of God whisper unveiled mysteries in my ear.

And I breathe, what my Tree needs.

And my Tree breathes, what I need.

And so it is.


* Reference was made to the metaphysical concept of DNA. A pioneer and also in the forefront of modern scientific enlightenment on DNA structure and meaning is Lee Carroll who channels, Spirit Kryon. I provide you with two links to Lee Carroll’s website:
  1. http://www.kryon.com/seminar%20images/DNA%20page/DNA.html – Kryon describes the various branches of the Tree.
  2. http://www.kryon.com/k_chanelwinter04.html – Kryon describes DNA Layer 8 – the part of us that can help us remember our woody family ;-)

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